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Pelosi says White House is 'crying out for impeachment'

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi argued Thursday the "White House is just crying out for impeachment" but that Democrats will continue to hold back on opening an impeachment inquiry until it's "unavoidable."

23rd, May 2019, 04:27pm

Man dies descending Mount Everest

An American mountaineer died Wednesday while descending from the summit of Mount Everest, according to the Nepalese company leading the expedition.

23rd, May 2019, 04:12pm

Runaway barges sink after slamming into dam

Two runaway barges broke loose and sank in the flooded Arkansas river after crashing into Webbers Fall Lock & Dam in Muskogee, Oklahoma. The dam appeared to hold.

23rd, May 2019, 02:23pm

Nancy Pelosi, master of shade

President Donald Trump -- so far -- has been reluctant to give Nancy Pelosi any kind of nickname. Well, here are a few ideas.

23rd, May 2019, 01:43pm

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