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Eating this can raise Alzheimer's risk by 75%

The trans fats still hidden in many foods increased the risk of Alzheimer's and other types of dementia by up to 75%, according to a long-term study.

23rd, October 2019, 11:37pm

How early photography changed the world

Even in its grainy, black-and-white nascence nearly 200 years ago, it was clear that photography would be a game-changing invention.

23rd, October 2019, 10:48pm

Legal scholar: This is a model case for impeachment

Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe shares with CNN's Anderson Cooper why he thinks President Donald Trump's decision to withhold military aid from Ukraine amounts to an impeachable offense.

23rd, October 2019, 09:46pm

Trump's lies on Syria were jaw-dropping

President Donald Trump stood in front of the microphone in the White House Diplomatic Reception Room and strafed the world with a barrage of lies and nonsensical, self-serving claims. We've seen it before, but the spectacle Trump served on Wednesday when he bragged and boasted about his great achievement in Syria was even more grotesque than usual, because he sought to paint what has been a calamity for America's Kurdish friends -- and for US standing in the world -- as a great personal triumph.

23rd, October 2019, 09:12pm

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