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Under-the-radar court case helps piece together cop dragging during Capitol riot

The Justice Department has built out one of its most gripping and complex investigations to date from the January 6 insurrection in a court case which has gotten far less attention than others about at least five rioters who dragged and beat police with flag poles and a crutch on the US Capitol steps.

23rd, April 2021, g:i AM

The union loss at Amazon is another sign big companies have too much power

To the dismay of worker advocates in the United States and around the world, Amazon warehouse workers in Alabama failed to unionize earlier this month, losing by a vote of 1,798 to 738. Not only is the loss a heavy blow to the union movement, but it shines a much-needed spotlight on several major problems with America's economic and labor landscape.

23rd, April 2021, g:i AM

Bush says he wrote in Condoleezza Rice for president in 2020

Former President George W. Bush wrote in the name of his former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on his 2020 presidential ballot rather than voting for his own party's nominee Donald Trump for reelection, he told People magazine.

23rd, April 2021, g:i AM

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